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Financial Services

Financial service organizations generate huge amounts of data such as purchase history, profile data, browsing history or social media data every single day. Increasing complexity and data generation is transforming the way industries operate and the financial sector isn’t exempt. Used in a wise way, marketers can employ data analytics to reach their main marketing objectives more efficiently.

Finance and trading rely on accurate inputs into business decision-making models. Machine learning and algorithms are increasingly being used in financial trading to compute vast quantities of data and make predictions and decisions that humans just do not have the capacity for. Our Algorithmic trading solution with machine learning is enabling computers to make human-like decisions, executing trades at rapid speeds and frequencies that people cannot.

Customer Satisfaction is a problem in all industries, but especially so in Financial Services. In order to sell to customers, they need to be segmented properly. Customer Segmentation for Financial Services companies deliver effective real-time offers and optimize customer portfolios. Our analytics solution can generate two sets of recommendations based on customer segments; for a new customer we can help recommend what other most satisfied customers have in terms of products and services. For existing customers, it recommends portfolio optimizations to make them more satisfied.