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Food & Beverages

The data from your POS, marketing, accounting, inventory and scheduling systems is a vein of gold just waiting to be mined. We stitch together discrete bits of information to help run restaurants better. There are opportunities to use data to drive incremental revenues and target new customers more effectively. Information gathered provides actionable data to identify trends, reduce costs, gain customer insight and provide a better experience.

Big data isn’t that big anymore, thanks to tremendous gains in computing power, storage space, access to the cloud, and our solutions designed to help restaurants of all sizes unlock the secrets of their data and put useful information at their fingertips.

Our solutions help drill down labor costs more specifically than in the past.  Comparing labor costs to sales, overtime pay, absenteeism, costs by department and by server, we create schedules that accommodate busy and slow times in restaurants to better manage costs and more efficiently prepare and serve meals.

Personalizing customer experiences becomes reality drawing all of the available data about guests.  Working with POS system we gather information about guest checks and present it on a dashboard. Such information includes new and repeat customers, their orders, how long they were at the table and what they tipped. This will help bars and restaurants to build customer profiles that include favorite drinks and food. We can also use it to create loyalty programs with promotions that target specific items customers like to order.

Pairing data from traditional internal sources in your operation like demographics, age groups, Income levels, kind of food they like, allergies along with external input we help Restaurants know their customer better.