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  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Improving Customer Intimacy
  • Improving Operational Efficiency
  • Manufacturing Quality

As manufacturing companies become larger and more diverse, the type of data that must be managed becomes ever more complex. External data from social media outlets and supplier network channels will provide a huge influx to augment existing data combined with sensor and machine data coming from the shop floors. The ability to access, analyze, and manage vast volumes of data is increasingly critical to successful operation of manufacturers. Same time, manufacturing organizations are looking for ways to improve their quality of manufacturing while reducing support costs by improving defect tracking and improving forecasting abilities to optimize supply chains thus leading to overall operational efficiency improvements. These manufacturing and operational improvements combined with achieving a favorable customer experience remain keys to driving continuous success.


Our solutions can help improve manufacturing and operational efficiency while providing a 360 degree view of the operations that can lead to improved and timely decision making.

Customer Experience is more than just a new way of saying Customer Support. Enhanced information access enables companies to serve their customers in a comprehensive way. Our advanced analytics solutions enable companies to leverage data from their sales channels, partners, and a variety of other social media data sources to develop an improved customer profile with a wider or clearer visibility into individual customer preferences and needs.

Predictive analytics can be used to minimize outages and improve plant utilization by anticipating demand and taking appropriate steps to match production to demand.  Reduction of work in progress materials to streamlining supplies can be achieved by combining data silos for integrated analytics.  Our Predictive capabilities can be used across a range of functions – appropriate staffing the plants, optimizing supplies, improved preventive maintenance of plants and equipment, and reduction of aftermarket costs, etc.

Enhanced manufacturing quality & higher yield and reduced support costs are central to driving profitability and customer experience for any major manufacturer. Our Big data solutions enable improved analysis of yield and quality data, combined with customer rejects/returns, supplier’s quality data, and other critical measures for a rich and thorough root-cause analysis resulting in actions for enhanced quality and reduced overall cost. Data related to throughput, capacity utilization, overall equipment effectiveness, and schedule or production attainment can be combined for further analysis for improved quality and reduced support / warranty costs.