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Rising fuel costs, demanding customers, increasingly stringent environmental regulations, need for optimized delivery times, etc. are some of the major challenges faced by businesses in the logistics sector. We provide actionable insights that will help them achieve sustainability, improve market share, and reduce costs.

Operational Efficiency
A constraint in achieving high operational efficiency in a distribution network occurs at the “last mile”. Our data analysis takes 2 step approaches to optimize last-mile delivery to drive down costs. In a first and somewhat evolutionary step, a massive stream of information is processed to further maximize the performance of a conventional delivery fleet. This is mainly achieved by real-time optimization of delivery routes. The second, more disruptive approach utilizes data processing to control an entirely new last-mile delivery model. With this, the raw capacity of a huge crowd of randomly moving people replaces the effectiveness of a highly optimized workforce.
Customer Loyalty Management
For most business models, the cost of winning a new customer is far higher than the cost of retaining an existing customer. Smart use of data enables the identification of valuable customers who are on the point of leaving to join the competition. We extract the attrition potential of every single customer by applying techniques such as semantic text analytics, natural-language processing, and pattern recognition. For that, we analyze customer touch points like sales and marketing activities, customer service inquiries, and complaint management details. We also correlate data from digital trail comprising statistical series on shipping volume and received service quality levels. In addition, add publicly available information from news agencies, annual reports, stock trackers, or even sentiments from social media sites enrich the logistics provider’s internal perspective of each customer. On automatically generated triggers, the provider then initiates proactive counter-measures and customer loyalty programs.
Risk Management
The uninterrupted direct supply of materials is essential to businesses operating global production chains. Lost, delayed, or damaged goods have an immediate negative impact on revenue streams. This demand for improved business continuity creates an opportunity for logistics providers to expand their customer value in outsourced supply chain operations. We help them with rapid analysis of various information streams which forecast events with a potentially significant or disastrous impact on customer business. In response to arising critical conditions, counter-measures can be initiated early to tackle arising business risks.